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We’re all about sharing the pleasure we get from inventing great video games. Cutting edge graphics are our bread and butter and fun is at the heart of everything we do. We’ve been building social web and mobile games since 2006 and our sole ambition is to bring together top quality entertainment and social interaction. Wherever you are, get gaming with your friends on PC, tablet or mobile.


Unique universes



Co-operate and compete



Graphics and Gameplay



PC, tablet, smartphone

Guillaume  Jalin

Guillaume Jalin

Business Development Manager, Groupe Concoursmania

I had the chance to work with Julien on many occasions, for different projects. I appreciate his enthousiasm and his availability. He’s been able to call on skillful people in his team to help us build every project we have been working on together
Christophe Houiller

Christophe Houiller

CEO GamePulp

NoHuman Studio is creative, flexible and innovative ! These are the reasons why they have been our partner for 6 years. Their aim of quality in terms of games and service makes them an expert and reliable company in its field